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V2 Sneak Peek: List of New Features and Initial Testing

5/29/2007 in ClearCheckbook Updates
Because development of version 2 is taking a little longer than expected, I thought it would be good to give everyone a list of what some of the new features will be to V2 and also list some other improvements to existing features. Also, at the end of this post I'll be detailing some requirements for initial testing of V2.

You can find pretty much all of these as suggestions that were made in a previous blog post asking for ideas for version 2.

  • Ability to split transactions

  • Quick Add on the accounts page

  • Jive entries directly from the accounts page

  • Added features to the search page

  • Updated handling of credit card transactions

  • Ability to set recurring transactions

  • Updated reminders system

  • Much needed improvements to Currency / Time Formatting

There will also be many other behind the scenes improvements which will dramatically increase the responsiveness of the site as well as some other smaller features that aren't listed above.

In an effort to take a giant leap forward in the usability of the site, Internet Explorer 6 will no longer be actively supported. There are simply too many flaws with the browser that make cross browser compatibility nearly impossible. Because we believe in moving the web experience forward instead of backwards, we encourage all Internet Explorer 6 users to start using Firefox or upgrade to Internet Explorer 7.

While we're not going to make it impossible for IE 6 users to use the site, as it should still work for about 90% of tasks, we strongly encourage you to consider upgrading to a better browser. We will also continue to make features compatible with IE6 if it doesn't involve drastic measures.

We should be ready to start alpha testing the site by this weekend. I only want to open it to maybe 10 or so users and will grant access to those users who have been here the longest time over new members.

The ideal alpha tester is someone who has some programming / web / computer knowledge and will be able to provide details to any errors they come across. We also want to get a wide range of people to test the site. This means we need different operating systems and browsers to go through the site and see if there any flaws with any of them.

If you are interested in being among the first people to see and start testing V2 and feel you meet the criteria above, please leave a comment on this blog post with the operating system and browser you use along with any other information you think would be helpful in determining if you're a good fit to start testing.

For those of you who fit the requirements, I will be in contact with you some time over the weekend with details of the testing.

V2 Development Update

5/16/2007 in ClearCheckbook News
I just wanted to keep everyone updated on how the status of the version 2 development was going. There have been a few unexpected wrenches thrown at us while trying to get the new version coded (mainly the server experiencing major performance issues). In addition to those issues, all of the code is being re-written for the next version to help improve performance and reduce any errors.

Beta testing should be opening within the next two weeks or so once we have a little more of the site finished. As of now, the main accounts page is functioning with new jiving and sorting capabilities, plus work on a new "quick add" form is almost finished.

Rather than rush out a beta version of the site, we would rather spend a little extra time making sure things work the way we want. Thanks for sticking with us and stay tuned for a new post shortly which details the beta testing process.


CheckBot back online

5/8/2007 in ClearCheckbook News
We figured out a (at least temporary) solution for CheckBot. It is back online without any slowdown in speed to the actual website. CheckBot might react a little slow, but it will still behave as it should.

The site has been acting very slow recently and after spending hours trying to track down the cause, we have found out that CheckBot is infact the reason things have been going slow. To avoid geek speak, we'll just say we needed to take CheckBot offline and work on getting it updated to fix its problems.

We're not sure how long CheckBot will have to remain offline, but hopefully it won't be too long. At least the site is performing at a reasonable speed now.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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