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ClearCheckbook Mobile App Updates and Developments

11/26/2012 in ClearCheckbook News
We wanted to keep you in the loop about what we've been working on lately. In 2012 we focused very heavily on making improvements and upgrades to the main website. Unfortunately that meant our mobile apps started to fall behind as far as features and updates went. Well, 2013 is going to be the year of mobile apps. Right now we have apps available for iOS, Android and WebOS. Over the next few months we'll be working heavily on updating our current apps and getting apps out there for Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbian devices.

In order to get to that point, we needed to start somewhere. That start is with a huge round of updates we're making to the iOS app. This update we're nearly finished with will be the benchmark we use when updating and creating the other mobile apps.

What does this latest round of updates contain? Well, we've been collecting feedback for quite some time about our apps and we've been working on implementing as much as possible into the app.

Here's what's included in the latest update we're working on finishing now:
  • Improved Navigation (easier access to adding transactions)
  • User selectable start page
  • Jive Mode (to make it easier to jive transactions from your mobile device)
  • Running Balances (for premium members)
  • Adding transactions offline (to sync up later)

Again, we've been using the iOS app to set the standard that all of the other mobile apps will need to follow. We're not saying the iOS app is going to be 100% perfect after this update, but it will be considerably more reliable and easier to use.

Here are some screenshots of the iOS app under development right now (click to enlarge):
iOS app - Running Balances iOS app - Select Home Page iOS app - Jive Mode iOS app - Offline Warning iOS app - Sync Transactions

We hope to submit this update to Apple this week. Based on past experience it seems to take about a week for them to approve the app and release it for download. If all goes well, in about 2 weeks you'll be able to install the latest app on your iOS device.

Update (November 28, 2012): The app has been approved by Apple and should be available in the App store for download!

New Budgets Tool and Site Updates

11/8/2012 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We've given the Budgets tool a complete overhaul both visually and mathematically. The new visual feel of the budgets will make it easier to see how much of your budget has been spent. You can now expand the budget to view more details such as the start/end dates, original budget amount (if rollover is enabled), a percentage of your budget spent in pie format and what duration the budget resets at.
ClearCheckbook Budgets

Speaking of duration, we've added five new durations to the budgets. Now, in addition to monthly budgets you can set up weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual budgets. If you create a budget with one of the new durations, you select the start date for that budget and we'll use that as the starting date for when the budget resets.

We also updated the Budget History (both the visual and text history) to be more informative. The visual reports now show your budget history for the last 2 years. The text history has been updated to look more like the new budgets page. The Budgets dashboard gadget also got a visual overhaul and the ability to expand the budget for more information.

We will be working on the mobile apps to bring the new budgeting features to them as well. For now, the mobile optimized website also has these new updates available.

If the budgets look messy, please refresh the browser about 5-10x in a row really quick to force your browser to download the latest CSS files.

On top of re-building the Budgets tool, we've also made several other minor updates and bug fixes including:
  • Update: Changing premium membership billing durations
  • Bug Fix: Sorting on Search Page
  • Bug Fix: Importing QIF files with GBP sign
  • Bug Fix: Reports Gadget not showing currency correctly on refresh

As always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us and let us know!


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