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The Importance of Money Management

Money management is extremely important for everyone who has a bank account or credit card. Knowing how much money you have and how much you can spend at any given time is invaluable. Not only does it prevent you from spending more than you have available, but it can help get you out of debt and get a clearer picture on where your money is being spent.

ClearCheckbook started off as a money management tool that took the old fashioned checkbook register into the 21st century. At its roots, ClearCheckbook is simply an online checkbook register that has some added features such as reports and budgets thrown in to make your money management experience better and easier.

We believe that money management is something that should be taught from an early age, which is why we've spoken and worked with classrooms across the country to help students get a better idea of their spending habits from an early age. Whether it's simply speaking to a classroom or setting up a special version of the site for a 400+ student college course, we're dedicated to making money management a prime focus.

Money management isn't solely important to younger people though. Managing your finances is important for people of all ages. I'm sure anyone who's had the experience of overdrawing an account or bouncing a check hates that feeling and never wants to experience it again. Our goal is to make sure that never happens. By diligently entering your transactions and balancing them with your bank statement, you'll always know how much money you have at any given point in time.

Putting the responsibility on each person to manually track their spending gives them a much more accurate picture of their finances. Some websites and applications pull all bank data automatically, but this leaves you with an outdated picture of your transactions. Those aggregators don't know about checks you've written and don't know what a pending transactions actual amount is until it fully clears. These little inconsistencies can really wreak havoc on your bank account if you don't account for them. This is why if you manually enter everything into the site and then balance it with your bank statement, you'll be truly taking money management into your own hands.

If you're looking to better manage your money, we encourage you to sign up below. The site's completely free to sign up and use. We do offer some premium features for a small monthly fee, but there's absolutely no obligation to sign up for that.

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