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iOS App 4.0 Troubleshooting

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Posted: Jul 7, 2020
Brandon   |   Posted: Jul 7, 2020
Note: the most current version of the app is 4.0.13.
- Submitted for release on August 4, 2020 @ 9:45am MDT

Before contacting us with a bug report, please make sure you have the latest version of the app installed on your device. You can check for the version number in two places: 1) If you're not logged in it will be on the login screen near the bottom. 2) If you're logged in, click on More at the bottom right and then the version number will be listed at the bottom of the page.

If you're having trouble with the new version of the app, here are some tips for troubleshooting:

1. Setting up a secondary form of authentication on the app
- Depending on the capabilities of your device, you can set up a biometric authentication or PIN entry by clicking on More at the bottom right side of the screen and then click on Lock App. When set up, each time the app loads you'll be asked for whichever form of added security you enabled.

2. Why do I have an account called 'No Account'?
- This label shows up in your account overviews list if you have transactions that are not associated with an account. You can remove the No Account label by clicking on it and then removing any transactions that you see or by assigning those transactions to an account. If there is a large number of transactions and you don't want to delete them one-by-one, you can delete them all at once through the website. Log into your account at, then click on Settings at the top right side of the page. Next, scroll down and click on Delete All Transactions. Select 'No Account' from the list and then continue.

Other issues we're aware of
- We're looking into why the app won't enter into split screen mode
- The ability to edit the transaction portion of a reminder is still being completed.

Issues fixed in the 4.0.13 update
- Fixed some syncing / balance refreshing bugs
- Fixed some bill paying bugs
- Fixed a bug that was preventing some No Account transactions to appear
- Search box keyword input fixes
- Reduced number of API requests to improve speed of app

Previous issues that have been fixed in past updates
- Currency picker might cover Account Type picker in Add / Edit Account form
- Fixed a lot of issues revolving around the local database getting backed up and causing crashes
- Autocomplete suggestions show the account the last description used
- Updated autocomplete display to show more choices without them getting blocked by the keyboard
- credit card balances might not be showing in the overall balance correctly
- Transfers weren't getting assigned to their correct accounts under some circumstances
- Fixed a bug that wasn't saving the recurring transaction part of a reminder
- Fixed a bug with the amount keyboard in Add Bill form
- Fixed a bug where a budget would show as 'No Account' when being edited
- Saving an account name works properly now
- budget selection in Add Budget form is showing categories properly nested now
- Fixed scrolling issues on the Add / Edit Transaction forms (it was preventing the Category option from being seen)
- Fixed a bug that was causing some unjived transactions not to appear in search results
- Pull to refresh Bills / Reminders / Budgets is working now
- Category selection in Add a Split form properly sorts categories now
- Fixed bugs related to paying bills
- Added ability to delete reminders
- Editing a category name doesn't erase it from the input box
- Better handling of adding transactions when offline
- Updated date and transaction type pickers so the selection gets chosen even without clicking the 'Done' button
- Pull to refresh account balances / transactions is working properly
- Fixed a syncing bug that was causing transactions not to appear or balances not to update in a timely manner
- Keyboard gets hidden when selecting the date picker or other fields
- Fixed a bug that could cause app to crash when entering transactions
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August 2019
Posted: Jul 11, 2020
eeknay   |   Posted: Jul 11, 2020
Two things I've seen when entering a transaction
1) In the amount field, I have to manually delete "0.00" before entering an amount
2) The Description field no longer does type-ahead to let me select descriptions from previous transactions. I really miss this time saver.
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July 2016
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Posted: Jul 12, 2020
okjasone   |   Posted: Jul 12, 2020
ios app version 4.0.7 issue:
The running overall balance for an account is not being handled correctly for future dated transactions. For current transactions, the current amount is added/subtracted from the overall shown below the line so the overall above the current transaction ties out. Once you hit the future transactions, it's adding the first transaction to the most recent past transaction to arrive at the overall balance below the first future transaction.

I'm not sure if that was intended behavior or if it is a bug but it is very hard to follow what the correct overall balance should be on any given future date.
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December 2011
Posted: Aug 2, 2020
mattycakes81   |   Posted: Aug 2, 2020
Great work on the updates/UI!

This may be related to the documented issue "Editing a category name doesn't erase it from the input box".

When I enter a new transaction with a previously used payor, I select the suggestion which may have had a previously assigned category I wish to override. Once I select the suggestion, there is no apparent way to remove the category (making it blank), it only allows changing it to another value.

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