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jive split transactions

Member since:
October 2009
Posted: Nov 13, 2009
LesaMorgan   |   Posted: Nov 13, 2009
How can I jive split transactions? Also, how can I spit a transaction; but it appear on my register as one withdrawl? ext. atm $200; $100, gift and $100.00 groceries. I want to split the transaction (for my budget) however it is very confusing to have two transactions in my
Member since:
September 2010
Posted: Sep 19, 2010
mcapehart   |   Posted: Sep 19, 2010
I agree. I wish Splits somehow would be invisible except when you expand the primary transaction, at which point they would appear.
Member since:
January 2011
Posted: Jan 4, 2011
shaina.tx   |   Posted: Jan 4, 2011
I also agree on this. It is confusing to have the same transaction listed both times. And then, when searching, it adds the transaction twice.
Member since:
January 2012
Premium Member
Posted: Jan 7, 2012
Corihere   |   Posted: Jan 7, 2012
Any answers on how to jive a split transaction? I would hope that since this question has been around since 2009, there is a solution by now?! Perhaps I am missing something. Help!
Member since:
June 2012
Posted: Jun 26, 2012
Kymberlyandrus   |   Posted: Jun 26, 2012
Your initial entry affects your account (where the money physically exists); don't select a category for the initial entry. Then each of the splits are created to add up to the same as the initial entry, select the categories for the split entries. That should make the balances work for both your accounts, and your budgets.

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