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iPhone/iPod Touch App (Multi User Capability?)

Member since:
January 2008
Posted: Feb 1, 2010
brentandtenafoxfrost   |   Posted: Feb 1, 2010
First, let me say you guys offer an AWESOME product. I would feel so lost without it...can't imagine a day not using it. Second, cannot wait for the iPhone app; so looking forward to it.

However, I have one question (apologize if this has been asked before and answered). Nonetheless, my wife and I both log into the same account to post our transactions. We both have iPhone's and so the question is: can we both be logged into the same account at the same time on our phones and it not cause a problem? Especially if we are both out shopping at the same time in different locations; would be nice to be able to both remained logged into the same account to be able to update finances on the fly.


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