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Which Mobile App is best for ClearCheckbook?

Member since:
January 2009
Posted: Nov 26, 2010
monkaOLD   |   Posted: Nov 26, 2010

I am looking to buy a smartphone. The specific reason right now
is to be able to access ClearCheckbook by mobile phone. I was
wondering if there was a strong preference by current users for
a particular interface (iPhone, Android, WebOS Palm) working better
for accessing ClearCheckbook, and in general all mobile apps?

Thank you for your input.
Member since:
May 2010
Premium Member
Posted: Nov 27, 2010
zerch911   |   Posted: Nov 27, 2010
IMHO... the iPhone app is basically useless, in its present state. If you do get an iPhone, you can use the WebOS app which works fine for everything you need to do. This is currently the situation I am working in and have not seen anything I cant do.

Cant speak for the other platforms.

Member since:
June 2010
Posted: Jan 27, 2013
Oditius.old.1403735490   |   Posted: Jan 27, 2013
You probably already found the answer, but android app is really good.
Member since:
March 2013
Posted: Mar 28, 2013
jackclarck   |   Posted: Mar 28, 2013
zerch answers efficiently, i totally agree with him

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