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Android App displays incorrect currency type

Member since:
February 2011
Posted: Feb 27, 2011
haroldr   |   Posted: Feb 27, 2011
I've set my accounts to use CAD, and set the global currency to CAD. I installed the Android app and everything shows up in pounds. I can't find anything on the app that let's me change this. Help?

Thanks in advance.
Member since:
November 2009
Posted: Feb 27, 2011
nirmalkumar   |   Posted: Feb 27, 2011
Same issue... Set my accounts to use INR (Indian National Rupee).
But the android app only shows $ as currency.
Member since:
February 2011
Posted: Feb 28, 2011
haroldr   |   Posted: Feb 28, 2011
Looks like this is a recurring issue and was first reported on the forum Nov 11, 2010 and I haven't seen anyone offering a fix for it. I'm uninstalling the app until this issue is resolved or I can convert pounds to CAD in my head.
Member since:
July 2011
Posted: Jul 18, 2011
milan0markovic   |   Posted: Jul 18, 2011
this problem is still present (july 2011)!!!
one of the reasons i chose this service is because of web/phone sync, and this way it is rendered UNUSABLE.
too bad, since otherwise it seems to be a very thought trough system.
Member since:
October 2011
Posted: Oct 7, 2011
Jochemchella   |   Posted: Oct 7, 2011
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Member since:
February 2012
Posted: Feb 10, 2012
gombunan   |   Posted: Feb 10, 2012
It's 11 February 2012 and the issue is still there. My global currency is Malaysian Ringgit but in the app, it shown as Pound Sterlings.

I am contacting support see if they can help.
Member since:
February 2012
Posted: Mar 25, 2012
wkok   |   Posted: Mar 25, 2012
Is there any reponse from support regarding this issue? A mere, yes we know about it or sorry it is unfixable or any other response will be appreciated..

Member since:
March 2011
Posted: Apr 13, 2012   |   Posted: Apr 13, 2012
Whether on the browser the app shows the currency format correctly (as selected in settings), the Android app is stuck with the US (comma as thousands separator, dot as decimal point and two decimals) format.
Member since:
April 2012
Posted: May 23, 2012
anglia   |   Posted: May 23, 2012
Member since:
July 2013
Posted: Jul 27, 2013
metz   |   Posted: Jul 27, 2013
Guys don't you realize you are losing paying customers because of bugs like this??
Member since:
January 2014
Posted: Jan 1, 2014
zuzici   |   Posted: Jan 1, 2014
Hi to all,

My frst post. Had the same issue because my Android locales were set to English GBR (I like my UI in english) while the currency I use is HRK. When I changed the Android localisation to Croatian both the Android app and the web interface showed the correct currency HRK (it is my default global currency)

Maybe you too have a mismatch between your global currency and your Android app langage setting.
It would be nice doe to have the possiblity to choose the currency in the Andreoid app instead of haveing it the same as the Android OS langage setting.

Kind regards,

Member since:
July 2010
Posted: Oct 5, 2014
sreenathkg   |   Posted: Oct 5, 2014
It is October 2014. Still the same issue.. not sure why developers are not at all bothered about this problem. !!!
Member since:
December 2014
Posted: Dec 18, 2014
mujeeb   |   Posted: Dec 18, 2014
I think no body care
bad service
Member since:
November 2015
Posted: Nov 17, 2015
Cristina2404   |   Posted: Nov 17, 2015
Ok, so it seems that this issue is going on since forever. November 2015, I have set my correct currency on the web-based account, in the Android App shows me a wrong currency (british pounds), and no option to change it.
Don't you want us to also use the apps available?

Please fix it asap! I'll also write on Play store about this, cause it's embarrasing....honestly.
Member since:
June 2009
Premium Member
Posted: Nov 17, 2015
PHishHead   |   Posted: Nov 17, 2015
Christina I would contact the admin bought the bottom right bof every page is a link that says 'contact Us'....that goes direct to asdmin & you'll get a much speedy response

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