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Unpost a posted recurring reminder

Member since:
April 2011
Posted: Apr 3, 2011
sfranchi   |   Posted: Apr 3, 2011
I've "posted" a recurring reminder and now I'm unable to "unpost" it, it is possible?

Member since:
July 2010
Premium Member
Posted: May 15, 2015
debra360   |   Posted: May 15, 2015
I would like to re-ask this question--sometimes I've posted a payment reminder only to change my mind and decide that I want to wait for a certain deposit to be made into my account before this payment is posted to my account. Right now, I have to delete the payment and create a new reminder. Would be so helpful if I could simply click "unpost"
Member since:
January 2013
Premium Member
Posted: Sep 12, 2015
patlmay   |   Posted: Sep 12, 2015
i'd like to add a comment here to show interest. although, i don't think its going to make it to the top of the list.
i like to post payments WAY ahead of time. sometimes, i get trigger happy. unposting would be a very positive feature. in a previous version of CCB, i could edit the reminder instance and it would actually give me the option to post again. the actual use case here was that i posted a reminder transaction. i went to the registry and decided not to post it yet (balance unavailable or whatever reason). i would delete the instance (for this case, lets say a 10/1 instance of a reminder). then i would go to the recurring transaction, do an edit (without actually changing anything), click save, and it would give me the option to post the reminder again.

however, lately this hasn't worked for a number of theories (although i cannot vouch any of them are true). a few months ago, during the data backup scene, there may have been some data integrity triggers that changed with the migration to a new data backend. OR with regular application maintenance, updates are common and this could have been a secondary or tertiary effect of an update. OR Chrome updated and something about using chrome for this is not letting it do what i want it to do. OR the elves in the magic box that make things appear on the screen are playing a trick on me.

either way, the feature (either through a workaround or deliberate) to have a recurring reminder become 'post-able' again after removing it from the registry would be an awesome feature to have.

however, it is a lot of work to make things look easy. the transaction of moving an instance from the reminder list to the registry tables in the database is an easy post. to delete it is to remove it (i assume) from those tables. there does not exist a trigger to re-establish that instance of a reminder in the reminder tables and (once again assuming) that's because each individual reminder is its own line item in the reminder table. that's probably why recurring reminders have an 'end date' because there's no such thing as an infinite table in database. although they can get so large you'd think so.

after all that banter, and thinking through the nerd-dom of data tables (of which much is irrelevant to many i'm sure), there would be a cool feature.
Member since:
April 2011
Premium Member
Posted: Dec 17, 2016
zmmrm122   |   Posted: Dec 17, 2016
Being able to unpost would be helpful
Member since:
December 2016
Premium Member
Posted: Jan 12, 2018
Kneecap   |   Posted: Jan 12, 2018
Do we have a solution to this yet?
Member since:
June 2014
Premium Member
Posted: Apr 4, 2019
renaesout   |   Posted: Apr 4, 2019
I'm also in favor or an un-post!!
Member since:
September 2019
Posted: Oct 7, 2019
bboyle2886   |   Posted: Oct 7, 2019
Can we make this happen?

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