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Checkbot Messages

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September 2011
Posted: Sep 5, 2011
hardeetd   |   Posted: Sep 5, 2011
I am new to the program and need some help. I am sending a SMS to checkbot to get the balance of one of my accounts. It's not doing anything. Can someone tell me exactly how the message is suppose to read? I know it is sent to 265010, but does the message include the quote marks or not, is their spaces or not? Looking for the exact way to write the message in case it's the message and not the program.

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June 2009
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Posted: Oct 8, 2011
PHishHead   |   Posted: Oct 8, 2011
Should read

checkbot: bal 1

then send to 265010

Of course you would use the corresponding # you assigned to your accounts.

Also, it is sometimes kicked offline, not to CCBs fault. If you still have an issue, I would suggest instead posting in the forum rooms, to write to the Admin. directly. To do so click the "contact us" link on the bottom right of every page in CCB

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