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Same as a thread posted in Jun 2009

Member since:
June 2010
Posted: Oct 22, 2011
Oditius.old.1403735490   |   Posted: Oct 22, 2011
2 years? In 2 years you have not been able to create a Windows app? Please do so, I and many others need a app. the mobile website has problems..

For some dumb reason I have to refresh twice when I go to the mobile site. I have it in my favorites and that is on the front tile. When I open it, entering the info is useless because it doesn't save. So I have to refresh first, but when I do that it goes to the full page, then I have to refresh again to bring back the mobile site. I dropped ClearCheckBook for mybudget-online but that app and website doesn't do all the things that this site does. So I came back. We really need an app for this.
Member since:
April 2007
Premium Member
Posted: Oct 22, 2011
cswroe   |   Posted: Oct 22, 2011
Windows phone is still around?

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