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Bug report: Account balances are not converted to global currency in total

Member since:
April 2012
Posted: May 23, 2012
anglia   |   Posted: May 23, 2012
Create two accounts, one having global currency, one having other currency with exchange rate other than 1.
Enter 1000 into each account.
Total should be something else than 2000, but it is 2000.

Website and iPhone displays correct total.
Member since:
June 2012
Posted: Jul 3, 2012
lsphoto   |   Posted: Jul 3, 2012
I am having the same problem on my HTC Desire running Android.

The overall balance seems to be computed by simply adding up the values of each account disregarding their respective currencies.

Please Fix!
Member since:
March 2011
Posted: Oct 4, 2012
Alexandr   |   Posted: Oct 4, 2012
Member since:
October 2012
Posted: Oct 19, 2012
jeffbodin   |   Posted: Oct 19, 2012
Same here, foreign currencies are displayed with € default home currency and not converted...
Member since:
October 2012
Posted: Nov 7, 2012
dragoslungu   |   Posted: Nov 7, 2012
+1 . All currencies are displayed in default local currency. Thank you!
Member since:
July 2013
Posted: Jul 27, 2013
metz   |   Posted: Jul 27, 2013
Please fix, this is a showstopper bug.
Member since:
October 2009
Posted: Oct 25, 2017
JimmyJangles   |   Posted: Oct 25, 2017
In the Overall Spending vs. Saving Line Chart, I am having the same problem. All balances are shown in the global currency. Please fix.

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