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Bill Tracker/Recurring Transactions

Member since:
January 2012
Posted: Jun 28, 2012
mikecc   |   Posted: Jun 28, 2012
Whats the difference in using the bill tracker feature versus the Recurring Transactions feature? Is it not just the same thing? And then how does the debt snowball feature fit in in all this?
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February 2007
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- Site Admin -
Posted: Jul 2, 2012
SiliconTrance   |   Posted: Jul 2, 2012
The Bill Tracker and Reminders systems work very similarly and are able to integrate with each other. The Bill Tracker is meant to be an easier way to view/pay/manage your regular bills. It gives you easy access to seeing when the bill was last paid, whether it's overdue or not and some payment history.

With the reminders, you can set up alerts or recurring transactions for things that aren't necessarily bills... like your salary check.

The debt snowball feature simply lets you track your various debts so you can see exactly how much you owe on them and when they will be paid off based on your minimum monthly payments.
Member since:
June 2010
Premium Member
Posted: Oct 4, 2013
ctjuby   |   Posted: Oct 4, 2013
How can you tie in your recurring transactions to automatically link to your
Debt snowball??
Member since:
May 2006
Premium Member
- Site Admin -
Posted: Oct 5, 2013
Brandon   |   Posted: Oct 5, 2013
Right now linking these tools with the debt snowball tool isn't possible. It's something we're looking into though.
Member since:
January 2009
Posted: Feb 15, 2018
mdennis32   |   Posted: Feb 15, 2018
Hi Brandon, newbie here. Following up to see if any progress on the linking of the debt tracker tool to the bill tracker and reminder tools. It would be handy to enter the amount in the debt tracker and schedule and pay it.

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