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We need a Windows Phone 8 app!!!!

Member since:
June 2010
Posted: Jan 20, 2013
Oditius.old.1403735490   |   Posted: Jan 20, 2013
Come on, lets get a Windows Phone 8 app created, the mobile site is the pits. You have to refresh it when you want to use it. Load it up from a bookmark and it comes up FULL PAGE!!! You hit refresh, and the mobile site returns.
Member since:
August 2013
Posted: Aug 24, 2013
tboggs13   |   Posted: Aug 24, 2013
Ditto. I was excited to see that a Windows Phone app showed as pending. Hopefully it is just around the corner. Also, a Windows 8 app for My Surface Pro would also be helpful vs using the website on a touchscreen.
Member since:
March 2013
Posted: Aug 27, 2013
pduncan1963   |   Posted: Aug 27, 2013
I think there is a hitch in the get along between Clearcheckbook and Microsoft. I emailed Clearcheckbook who said MIcrosoft was holding it up. I tried contacting someone helpful from Microsoft, which is like trying to catch just one rain drop in a down pour. Not an easy thing to do.

Bottom line, we my never see one. I assume that Clearcheckbook has given up on Windows Phone 8.
Member since:
May 2006
Premium Member
- Site Admin -
Posted: Sep 5, 2013
Brandon   |   Posted: Sep 5, 2013
The ClearCheckbook Windows Phone 8 app is available to download now.

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