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Bug - Budgets don't display deposits correctly.

Member since:
June 2015
Posted: Jun 4, 2015
Melatis   |   Posted: Jun 4, 2015
If you have a budget with a $400 limit, and you deposit $70 into the budget, the app will show that you spent $70, and show the remaining total as $330.

If you then withdraw $75 from that budget, it will say you spent $5, and show the remaining total as $395.

It seems to have trouble dealing with deposits that put the spent category in the negative. It should display the spent $ as a negative, and add to the remaining.

After putting in $70, it should say: -$70 spent, $400.00 Limit, $470 Remaining. It's confusing that it says $330 remaining, which means it looks like I'm short $140.

By the way, it shows up correctly on the website, but not the app.

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