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Bug - Site keeps logging me out

Member since:
January 2010
Posted: Jul 1, 2015
asharpe   |   Posted: Jul 1, 2015
I've been a user since 2010. For the past few days, the site keeps logging me out after just a few minutes of activity. It usually displays some error code at the top when it does so. This is happening on multiple computers. Very annoying. To do my daily 5 minutes of reconciliation, I might have to log back in 3 or 4 times or more. In fact, I'm not sure I will finish this post before it logs me out. I use Google Chrome browser. Anything going on?

In fact, it just happened again (twice in fact, while I've been trying to post this). It says to send you the following code: ECIP : NjYuMTk0LjExOC4xMA== : MjA4LjY5LjEzMy4yMA==
Member since:
June 2009
Premium Member
Posted: Jul 1, 2015
PHishHead   |   Posted: Jul 1, 2015
I am using Gchrome also and have not had any problems whatsoever. I assume you are using the latest version of ccb. I would refresh the browser numerous times in a row on ALL computers you are using to clear the cache and maybe log out, then log back in again. I do not have any issues using my laptop or the Android App. I hope this works for you. If not, I would use the "contact us" link at the bottom of EVERY page to get direct help from the admins.
Member since:
May 2006
Premium Member
- Site Admin -
Posted: Jul 9, 2015
Brandon   |   Posted: Jul 9, 2015
The ECIP error is due to an IP address mismatch. When you log in, we record your IP address. Each time the page loads and we verify your session details, we also check to see that the current IP address is at least somewhat related to the one from when you last logged in (or if you have the remember me option selected, the last time we had to authenticate your account via cookie if your sessions have expired, which takes place after 20 minutes of inactivity).

If the IP address from your previous login and the current IP address are wildly different, we remove the 'remember me' cookie and throw that error. This is a security measure to prevent any session hijacking.

Based on the codes you gave, it looks like your ISP might not be providing you with a steady IP and the two are entirely different. Are you still having the problem?
Member since:
November 2014
Posted: Jul 14, 2015
gf23798   |   Posted: Jul 14, 2015
Are you using a VPN or Proxy?

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