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Suggestion - Multi-Currency & Budgets

Member since:
August 2015
Posted: Aug 2, 2015
rajeswarudu   |   Posted: Aug 2, 2015
I have multi-currency environment (OMR & INR). OMR is of three decimals and two in case of INR. Budgets and limits are created at Account level with a designated currency.

Issue 1:
In the budget dashboard, all of the consumed budget is converted to the global currency as per the note (Note: All category budgets have been converted to your global currency.) But the limit value is displayed as per the designated account currency.

1. The display of amounts (including the decimal patterns) and calculation of variance at
1.1 Budget item level, if budget defined at account level, should be as per the designated account currency, else as per the global currency
1.2 At the Totals level, can be at Global Currency Level.

Issue 2:
The decimals in the amounts are as per the decimals of Global currency.

1. They should match the account currency used to define the budget

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