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Could you make the iPhone app available through the forum?website?

Member since:
January 2015
Posted: Nov 6, 2015
Brases   |   Posted: Nov 6, 2015
I understand that there is issues with the app-I have no problem adding via website. However, I still have mine on my phone which I use to track the amounts left in each monthly budget. My husband no longer has is and he used it just like I did. I hope one day the app will be available again because it makes tracking three accounts between couples SO MUCH EASIER! :)

Please consider at least having it downloadable via the forum/website. :) Thank you! WE LOVE THIS APP/product! :)
Member since:
September 2014
Posted: Nov 13, 2015
brantleyholt   |   Posted: Nov 13, 2015
If you sync your iPhone/iPad to iTunes on your computer, then your husband should be able to add the app to his phone. That's how I got the app on my family's phones when we upgraded a few weeks ago.

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