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Managing Reminders / Recurring Transactions in Google Calendar

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Posted: Oct 28, 2016
Brandon   |   Posted: Oct 28, 2016
If you'd like to have your Reminders / Recurring Transactions appear in Google Calendar you can do so by exporting your Reminders to a CSV file (the link is located below the calendars on the Reminders / Recurring Transactions page) and then importing it into Google Calendar.

Here's a Google support link that covers the importing process:

We recommend creating a new Calendar (naming it something like CCB Reminders) within Google Calendar before importing. Then, when you import the CSV file you can import into that calendar. This will let you easily hide/delete the ClearCheckbook reminders at a later date.

If you forget to create a new calendar first and would like to remove all reminders, go to the 'Agenda' view and search for the reminders you want to delete. You can click the Delete button over and over without moving the mouse and it will be a pretty quick process.

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