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Suggestion - True floating reminder

Member since:
February 2012
Posted: Jun 30, 2018
aresquare   |   Posted: Jun 30, 2018
A true floating reminder would allow a user to create a reminder for things like "the 15th of day of the month" or "the last business day of the month" and so on. I don't see any way to do so in CCB. Can it be done? If not, CCB team please consider adding it. Many people get paid on the 15th and last business day of the month and it we be so nice to have a reminder to post the entries. Take a look at how Outlook does recurring appointments. It's very helpful.
Member since:
May 2006
Premium Member
- Site Admin -
Posted: Jun 30, 2018
Brandon   |   Posted: Jun 30, 2018
We'll look into improving the floating options to allow floating dates like you described.
Member since:
May 2016
Premium Member
Posted: Mar 3, 2019
jenevanson   |   Posted: Mar 3, 2019
I was just looking for this same function and my search led me here. I second aresquare's motion!

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