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General - Change value of Reoccurring Transactions

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October 2018
Posted: Oct 28, 2018
MegaPixel   |   Posted: Oct 28, 2018

We're new to Clear Check Book and hopefully plan on using it to cover my personal finance. I have used another system before but love what CheckBook is offering. One thing I'm unsure about is Reoccurring Transactions. A Software I used before was convenient in the aspect of reoccurring transactions as I could change the value of it before posting.

Is this something that can be done here or is there any recommendations of a feature in Check Book that could solve this issue? Certain transactions that I use such as o2 Contract Bills, or Wages, change dependant on hours or going over on data and having to fill out a transaction each time can be tedious. I know I can change the value for every reoccurring transaction but that changes it for future ones, or is this the only way to do it?

Thank you in advance!

Kind Regards,
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May 2006
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Posted: Oct 29, 2018
Brandon   |   Posted: Oct 29, 2018
Hey Jamie,

You can always edit the recurring transaction before it posts (or edit the transaction after it posts) to change the amount to what it actually is. We're working on a 'quick change' form now that will let you quickly change the amount of a single recurring transaction or the date of a single transaction. This should accomplish exactly what you're trying to achieve once it's released.

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