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General - Using the envelopes and the Budget together

Member since:
November 2018
Posted: Nov 27, 2018
dheglin   |   Posted: Nov 27, 2018
I'm new to ClearCheckbook so forgive me for the hopefully easy question. I'll use car insurance as an example. I pay car insurance every 6 months, but budget a certain amount each month and tuck it in a separate account to pay later. In ClearCheckbook, I have envelopes and a separate account and the budget item. When I transfer the monthly amount from checking into my side account, I cannot seem to get ClearCheckbook to register it as spent in the budget while showing the additional amount in the envelopes. I can only get one or the other, but not both. How do I get ClearCheckbook to show this? I've tried creating additional accounts, adjusting the settings in the budget and the envelopes. No success. Help!

Update? - Will the newly updated envelope addition help with this problem? I'm not a premium member at this time, but if it will I may strongly consider it.

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