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Suggestion - Suggestion on Active/Inactive accounts

Member since:
January 2019
Posted: Feb 7, 2019
whall3y   |   Posted: Feb 7, 2019
Further to my bug report ""Overall Report" widget is affected by account active/in-active status." I'd like to make a suggestion on how I would prefer active/inactive accounts to handled.

At present Inactive accounts are removed from all displays and can't be selected when reviewing registers, reports, etc.

I'd like to option to be able to see detail on inactive accounts as required without having to reactive the account in the settings, e.g.

Dashboard > Account Overview - Have a setting on the widget to display All, Active or Inactive accounts
Register > Account Options > Accounts - Allow "All Accounts", "Active Accounts", or "Inactive accounts" to be toggled, similarly on the "Search" page
Reports - As above, give the option

Hopefully you get the idea. It's just that I'd like more control over what is available to select. At present I'm making all accounts active but rename them with a 'symbol' to indicate they are inactive. (primarily due to the reported bug).


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