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Bug - Jived total is incorrect...

Member since:
July 2015
Posted: Jul 3, 2019
amfisher   |   Posted: Jul 3, 2019
Our jived total is incorrect and not reflecting what we have in our bank account. We have never had this issue before and have been using this app for years. I have signed out of the app and signed back in, didn't fix the issue. To add, the "today's balance" is close to what we have recorded as our total in our bank but the "today's balance" number is off by the amount of out standing current transactions that haven't cleared our bank yet. The jived balance is WAY off, like almost $1800 off.
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May 2006
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- Site Admin -
Posted: Jul 4, 2019
Brandon   |   Posted: Jul 4, 2019
This user messaged us through the Contact Us form as well. We found out they mistakenly unjived an old transaction which threw off the balance.
Member since:
January 2019
Posted: Jul 10, 2019
whall3y   |   Posted: Jul 10, 2019
Yes, that's why I like to use the "Lock Jived Transactions after 'n' days" feature.

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