How do I reconcile / balance my accounts in ClearCheckbook?

How do I reconcile / balance my accounts in ClearCheckbook?

ClearCheckbook uses a tool called Clearing that lets you quickly and easily reconcile your transactions and accounts. When you clear your transactions we show you a Cleared balance that should match your bank statement.

Each transaction you add to ClearCheckbook gets summed into your specific account balances which are then summed into your Overall Balance. This is the sum of every transaction you add to the site regardless of whether it's been cleared or not. The Cleared balance is the sum of every cleared transaction you've added to the site.

How does Clearing work?

We recommend watching the following video tutorial that explains in detail the process you should take to clear transactions whenever you get your bank statement:

Clearing - Step by step

1. Adding your transactions
The first thing you need to do is add your transactions to ClearCheckbook. You can do this manually by entering your transactions using the 'Add Transaction' form on the Account Dashboard or by clicking the '' button at the top right side of the page.
Add your transactions to ClearCheckbook
2. Find your bank / credit card statement
If you receive your bank statements in the mail, have this statement ready for the clearing process. If you use online bank statements, have the webpage or PDF pulled up in a separate window or browser tab. At this point you'll only be concerned with the transactions that have fully posted, not pending transactions.
3. Select the account you want to clear
Make sure you're only viewing transactions for the account you're currently trying to clear. To do this you can either click on the desired account from the Accounts drop down list at the top right side of the transaction register, or you can click on the desired account from the Account Overviews box.
Select the account to clear
4. Check off matching transactions
From the Transaction Register, find the account you want to clear from the Accounts drop down list at the top right side of the page and select it. Starting with the oldest transactions on your bank statement, find the correlating transaction in ClearCheckbook and click the icon for that transaction. The icon will turn a darker green ( from to ) and the background of the transaction will also darken. Repeat this process for each transaction that appears on your bank statement.
Clearing transactions
5. Keep an eye out for any discrepancies
As you're clearing your transactions, keep an eye out for any transactions where the amounts don't match, were posted multiple times or that you don't have any record of. This could be a sign that there were fraudulent charges or that you or the vendor made a mistake with the amount. If it's a mistake on your end, edit the transaction to correct the problem. If the issue seems fraudulent, contact your bank/credit card immediately.
6. Make sure balances are correct
After clearing all transactions from your bank statement, the Cleared Balance for that account should match the ending balance for your bank statement. If the two balances match then you know all of your transactions are accounted for and there are no current issues that require your attention. If the balances don't match then you'll need to go back and investigate where the problem might have come from. We provided a list of common issues below to help you track down any discrepancies.
Check the ending cleared balance


If your cleared balance doesn't match your bank statement ending balance then check for the following common issues:

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