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FIRE Retirement Calculator

FIRE Retirement Calculator

FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) is a trending lifestyle movement where people aim to become financially independent and retire early. There are several methods to achieving FIRE, most of which revolve around investing a large percentage of your income and then living off small withdrawals from your portfolio. This calculator helps you determine when you can achieve FIRE!

FIRE Retirement Calculator

By entering a few different values into the calculator below, we'll determine if and when you can achieve FIRE to retire and live off withdrawals from your portfolio.

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(How much you contribute to your portfolio each year)

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Fill out the form above with the necessary information and then click the Calculate button to see your report.

Retirement Calculator Resources

If you need some help determining the values to enter into the retirement calculator, ClearCheckbook can help! ClearCheckbook has the tools to help you stay on top of your finances and get a better grasp of your financial situation. The two tools below can specifically help you in determining your retirement calculator values.
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Calculator Assumptions:

  • You can retire when your portfolio balance is positive at your Life Expectancy.
  • You stop contributing to your portfolio at the time you retire.
  • There are no catastrophic / unexpected large purchases which would greatly affect your portfolio balance.
  • Your lifestyle remains fairly consistent without big swings in yearly expenses.
  • If your yearly additional income equals more than your yearly spending, the retirement calculator reinvests the excess income.

Calculator Limitations:

  • This calculator assumes normal market conditions and doesn't take bear markets into consideration. Extended bear markets, especially at the beginning of your retirement, can have significant impacts to your portfolio balance.
  • Inflation is not factored into this calculator (yet).

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