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ClearCheckbook Pricing & Memberships

ClearCheckbook is free to sign up and use but we do offer different upgraded memberships based on what features you want access to. The membership levels and features they contain are explained below.

We never force you to upgrade to a paid plan. You can use ClearCheckbook as a free service for as long as you would like.
  Membership Level
Feature Free Sync Mobile Premium ClearCheckbook Premium
Add Unlimited Transactions
Add Unlimited Accounts
Add Unlimited Categories
Budget Tool
Reminders and Recurring Transactions
Bill Tracker
Debt Snowball Tool
Transaction Register
Multiple Currencies Supported
Search Transactions
Account Dashboard
Spending / Saving Reports
Import QIF, OFX and QFX files
Export Transactions
Envelope Budgets
Money Lending Tracker
Save-up Tracker
Connect to Banks - -
Running Balances - -
Custom Fields (Check #, Memo, Payee) - -
Grouped, Combo and Income Percent Budgets - -
Account Group organization - -
Payee Management tool - - -
Nightly Backups to Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive - - -
Investment Portfolio - - -
Customize Transaction Register - - -
Import CSV files - - -
Custom / Advanced Reporting - - -
Net Worth tools - - -
Asset Manager - - -
Transaction History (undo edited or deleted transactions) - - -
Budget History - - -
Additional Users - - -
Estimate Future Balances - - -
Ignore Auto-complete Suggestions - - -
Advanced Search Options - - -
Income Budgets - - -
Attach files to transactions - - -
Duplicate Transaction search - - -
Zero-out Reconciliation Tool - - -
Dark CSS theme - - -
Over 40 more upgrades not listed above - - -
Cost (USD) FREE $2.49 /mo $4.99 (one-time) $5 /mo (other durations available)
Free Membership Details

ClearCheckbook is free to sign up and use. We never force you to upgrade to one of the paid memberships. While many customers do decide to upgrade to one of the paid memberships, we have many who have used the free version for years.

We encourage you to sign up and use ClearCheckbook for free and then decide if the Sync or ClearCheckbook Premium memberships are right for you.

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Sync Membership Details

The Sync membership has all of the free membership features with the addition of being able to connect your bank accounts and have your transactions downloaded automatically.

This membership is aimed toward people who want the added benefit of being able to have their transactions downloaded but don't need the other features included with ClearCheckbook Premium.

Supported Banks How to connect your bank
Mobile Premium Membership Details

The Mobile Premium membership is available for customers who don't use the website but would still like some of the premium features available on the mobile app. This membership is a one-time in-app purchase and only applies to the premium features available on the mobile app.

When you purchase a Mobile Premium membership, the premium features will be applied to your account regardless of whether you sign in via the iOS or Android app.

Android app Knowledge Base iOS app Knowledge Base
ClearCheckbook Premium Membership Details

ClearCheckbook Premium is the most purchased membership we offer. This membership gives you access to every feature available on ClearCheckbook. The ClearCheckbook Premium upgrade can be purchased in recurring monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual durations.

More information about the ClearCheckbook Premium membership, including all available features, can be found here:

ClearCheckbook Premium Information