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Syncing with Financial Institutions

You can sync ClearCheckbook with your financial institutions so your transactions are automatically added to ClearCheckbook. Use this page to see if your financial institution is supported.

Institutions with Known Issues

Plaid, the service we use to connect to financial institutions and send us your transactions, works to establish agreements with financial institutions for uninterrupted and quick access to your transactions.

Sometimes connections to certain financial institutions don't work as expected due to various reasons. There are a few major institutions that might have poor connectivity and those institutions are:

  • Fidelity
  • Bank of America
  • Huntington Bank
  • US Bank
  • TD Bank
  • American Express
  • PNC

While you might be able to connect to these institutions, Plaid cannot currently guarantee how quickly your transactions will sync. We will keep an eye on these institutions and update this list as needed.

Use the form below to see if your financial institution is supported. We recommend using a single word in the search box for the best results. For example, to search for Wells Fargo, type wells into the box.

If your institution is supported, you can enable the connection from the Account Settings page.
To get to the Account Settings page, click on the green Go To Dashboard at the top right side of this page. Next, click on the Settings link at the top right side of the page. Finally, click on the Accounts link.

Syncing Help / FAQs

For help about how syncing works or how to connect your bank to ClearCheckbook, check out our General Sync with Banks Connecting to a Bank Knowledge Base section.