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Re-arrange Transaction Columns

The Re-arrange Transaction Columns page lets you adjust how your transactions are displayed in the Transaction Register and Search results.

You can find the Re-arrange Transaction Columns settings by clicking on Settings at the top right side of the page, then click on Re-arrange Transaction Columns under the Premium Membership header.

Column Selection Form

The column selection form has select boxes in all the possible positions for you to have your transaction fields displayed. You can select any field to go in any position.

Re-arrange Transaction Columns - Form to select field positions
Example of the form to select column positions

You can select any of your enabled fields when you click on one of the select boxes. Choosing SKIP will not put any data in that column and instead give more space to the other columns in that row.

Re-arrange Transaction Columns - Form to select field positions
Select any field

Below the form is a Sample Display that shows how your transaction register will appear based on the column settings you choose.

Re-arrange Transaction Columns - Sample of transaction display
Sample of transaction display

The two screenshots below show a different column layout.

Re-arrange Transaction Columns - Sample with different field positions chosen
Select any field
Re-arrange Transaction Columns - Sample of transaction display
Sample of transaction display

Restore to Default Positions

To restore the transaction columns to their default positions, click the Restore to Default link located to the right of the Save button.

Re-arrange Transaction Columns - Restore to default positions
Click to restore columns to default positions

Some Fields not Appearing

Some fields will appear with a ** next to them. If you have certain fields disabled/hidden (based on your Custom Transaction Fields), they will not appear in your transaction list. You can re-eanble those fields or simply choose a different field for that column.

Re-arrange Transaction Columns - Custom Transaction Fields disabled
Sample of custom transaction fields being disabled
Re-arrange Transaction Columns - Letting you know the fields will not be shown
Example showing which fields will be hidden

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