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Profit and Loss Report

You can generate a Profit and Loss report using some custom report criteria.

These reports are currently in beta testing and may be subject to change or removal. Please use the Contact Us form to provide feedback.
This report is only available for ClearCheckbook Premium members.

Where to find this report

Click on the Beta tab and then click on the Profit / Loss link.

Profit and Loss Report - Location
Location of Profit and Loss Reports

What does this report tell me?

The Profit and Loss Report generates a P&L statement based on some report criteria you can set.

Below is a sample of a Profit and Loss statement generated with the default parameters.

Profit and Loss Report - Sample report
Sample Profit and Loss Report

Report Options

The Report Options for the Profit and Loss report are shown and explained below.

Profit and Loss Report - Report Options
Profit and Loss Report Options
Option Description
Date Range Select the start and end dates for the transactions that should be calculated.
Accounts You can limit the report to a specific account or set of accounts
Categories You can limit the report to a specific category or set of categories
Income Calculation There are two options: All deposits - all of your income will be lumped into one amount. Deposits added to selected categories - income will be shown for each category it has been assigned to.
Categories with Income and Expense This determines how to handle categories that contain both expenses and income.
Transfers You can choose to exclude or include transfers in the totals.
Split Children You can choose to include or exclude split children from the totals.

The result of changing the Income Calculation option to Deposits added to selected categories looks like the following:

Profit and Loss Report - Deposits added to selected categories
Sample Deposits added to selected categories option selected

Export to CSV File

You can click the Export to CSV link below the report to export the report to a CSV file. A CSV file can be opened in any spreadsheet application such as Excel.