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Account Dashboard

The ClearCheckbook Account Dashboard is where you can go to get a quick glance of all aspects of your finances. We have many different gadgets you can add to your dashboard. Most of the tools available on ClearCheckbook have an associated gadget.

Adding gadgets

1. You can add new gadgets to your Dashboard by clicking on the ` Add New Gadget` link at the top of the page, to the right of the Account Dashboard title.

Account Dashboard - Adding a Gadget
Add a Gadget link

2. Once you click the Add New Gadget link you'll be presented with a list of gadgets on the left and a preview of the selected gadget on the right. If the gadget is grayed out it means the gadget has already been added to your Dashboard. To fully add the selected gadget, click the blue Add Gadget to Dashboard button below the preview.

Account Dashboard - Gadget Selection
Choosing a Gadget

Deleting gadgets

To delete a gadget from the Dashboard, click the `X` icon at the top right side of the gadget you want removed.

Account Dashboard - Deleting a Gadget
Deleting a Gadget

Minimize/Maximize a gadget

To minimize a gadget, click the `-` icon at the top right side of the gadget. This will shrink it down to just the title bar.

Account Dashboard - Minimizing a Gadget
Minimizing a Gadget
Account Dashboard - Sample Minimized Gadget
Example Minimized Gadget

To maximize a gadget to its full size, click the `+` icon at the top right side of the minimized gadget.

Gadget Settings

Some gadgets have settings which can be used to customize the gadget. You can expand the gadget settings by clicking the icon at the top right side of the gadget.

Account Dashboard - Gadget Settings
Expanding Settings

If the gadget has any settings you can adjust, you'll be able to do that here. Once you make the changes, click the Save button and the gadget will reload and the new settings will be taken into effect.

Account Dashboard - Gadget Settings
Gadget Settings

Gadget Placement

1. To move a gadget, first move the cursor over the darker gray bar at the top of the gadget and it will change to look like this: .

2. Next, click down and drag the gadget to the desired location within the same column or in a different column. A yellow box will appear to let you know where the gadget will be placed.

3. Finally, release the click and the gadget will be placed there and the location will be saved.

Number of columns on Dashboard

By default the Dashboard has three columns but you can have as few as one or up to 8 with the ClearCheckbook Premium membership upgrade. To learn how to adjust the number of dashboard columns, check out the Settings Manage Your... General Settings Knowledge Base section.

Setting Dashboard as main page

You can choose to have either the Dashboard or the Transaction Register as the default page that loads when you sign into ClearCheckbook. To set which page you want to load, check out the Settings Manage Your... General Settings Knowledge Base section.

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