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Transaction Form Order

The Transaction Form Order page lets you change the order your various transaction fields appear in the Add and Edit Transaction forms.

You can find the Transaction Form Order settings by clicking on Settings at the top right side of the page, then click on Manage Transaction Form Order under the Premium Membership header.

Changing the Transaction Form Order

Using this form, you can change the order of the various fields when adding and editing transactions. To change the order, simply click on the three lines () at the left side of the field and drag to the new position.

You can completely hide a field by clicking the icon at the right side of the field name. To turn a currently hidden field visible, click the icon. The required field that cannot be hidden do not have either of those icons to the right side of them. These fields must appear in the Add and Edit Transaction forms.

Transaction Form Order - Form to select field positions
Example of the form to select column positions

Once you change the order or visibility of a field, the settings will be automatically saved. There is no save button to click.

The two screenshots below show the default form order vs one with the field positions changed.

Transaction Form Order - Sample with default field order
Sample Add Transaction form with default field order
Transaction Form Order - Sample with changed field order
Sample Add Transaction form with changed order

Restore to Default Positions

To restore the transaction columns to their default positions, click the Restore to Default button located in the yellow box below the form.

Transaction Form Order - Restore to default positions
Click to restore fields to default positions