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Account Comparison Reports

This report lets you compare your spending/saving habits between accounts over a set time period.
This report is only available for ClearCheckbook Premium members.

Where to find this report

With the Accounts tab selected, click on the Compare link.

Account Comparison Reports - Location
Location of Account Comparison reports

What does this report tell me?

This report lets you compare your withdrawals or deposits from one set of accounts against another set of accounts for a certain time period. You can also change whether or not you want the report to display the data by day or by month.

You can use the Options form above the reports to change how the report is calculated.

Account Comparison Reports - Report Options
Account Comparison Report Options

In the example below, we're comparing Withdrawals between Capital One and Sapphire Reserve and showing the view by Day.

Account Comparison Reports - Selected Report Options
Search form with selected criteria

The report from the selected criteria above looks like the following. You can hover over the report to view the amounts.

Account Comparison Reports - Result based on search options
Result from selected criteria