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The Notes tool allows you to create notes for any information you want to keep a record of.

You can find the Notes tool by clicking on Tools at the top of the page, then click on the Notes link.

Adding a Note

When you load the Notes tool, the first thing that appears at the top of the page is a Create Note form. Simply enter any information into the note that you want to save and then click the Create Note button to add the note.

Notes Tool - Add a Note
Add a Note form
When you add the note it will automatically appear in the Notes List below the Create Note form.

Editing a Note

Editing a note is as simple as clicking the icon at the top right side of the note you want to edit. This will turn the not into an editable text area where you can make your changes.

Notes Tool - Click to edit a note
Click to edit a note
Notes Tool - Make your changes
Make your changes
After you've made the necessary changes, click the Save Note button and the note will update.

Deleting a Note

You can delete a note by clicking the icon at the top right side of the note.

Notes Tool - Click to delete a note
Click to delete a note

Changing Note Order

When you hover over the gray bar at the top of a note, the cursor will change to a icon and you can drag the note to a different place in the notes list.

Notes Tool - Click and hold to move a note
Click and hold to move a note

Formtting Notes

You can add some basic formatting to your notes using the codes listed below:

Effect Code Result
Bold Text [b]this is bold text[/b] this is bold text
Italics [i]this text is italicized[/i] this code is italicized
Colored Text [color=red]This text is red[/color]
[color=#ffb903]this is a nice orange[/color]
You can use any valid hex or CSS recognized color code here.
This text is red
this is a nice orange
Quote [quote]Money Management Made Easy[/quote]
Money Management Made Easy
URL [url]
Image [img][/img]