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Category Pie by Year Reports

This report shows your categorical information from an entire year in a pie chart.
This report is only available for ClearCheckbook Premium members.

Where to find this report

With the Categories tab selected, click on either the Pie by Year link.

Category Pie by Year Report - Location
Location of Category Pie by Year Reports

What does this report tell me?

The pie by year report shows all of your categorical information for a given year in pie format. This is a great way to look at how much you spent over the course of a year and then use that information to set up your budgets.

Category Pie by Year Report - Pie reports
Sample of pie by year report

Below the pie chart is a text breakdown of each category and sub category.

Category Pie by Year Report - Text breakdown w/ sub categories
Sample text breakdown with sub categories

You can optionally hide the sub categories and only view the parents.

Category Pie by Year Report - Text breakdown w/o sub categories
Sample text breakdown without sub categories

Report Options

By default the report shows data for the current year. You can change the report options to change the report as needed. The report options are explained below.

Category Pie by Year Report - Report Options
Report Options
Option Description
Year You can select the year you want to view data for
Charts for Account You can select an account from the list if you only want to see categorical data for that account.
Income Options There are three options you can choose from. Ignore Deposits - the default option. Completely ignores deposits from the charts. Sum Deposits and Withdrawals - show the combined sum of deposits and withdrawals. Show Only Deposits - Only shows income in the charts.