The ClearCheckbook Story

ClearCheckbook began as a simple solution to a frustrating problem - an application developed by a web-savvy college kid, in order to manage his finances and balance his checkbook. Brandon O'Brien created a website that ran locally on his computer, so that he could differentiate between what money he thought he had in his checking account, and what money he actually had in his checking account. He learned very quickly that the money he was seeing "live" in his checking account, wasn't jiving with the actual money he was spending - writing checks, paying bills, late nights out, etc. Brandon took balancing his checkbook to the next step - online, real-time, and with greater functionality than Microsoft Excel, and cheaper (read: free) than Quicken, or similar products.

After a little over a year of using this site only for himself, Brandon began sharing his checkbook balancing skills with interested and like parties. Brandon posted a few screenshots to an online blog as an example of what was helping him manage his finances, and he was astounded with the response; so many people wanted to know where to access his easy and user-friendly checkbook balancing tool. Brandon spent about a week coming up with a name for the site, layout and updating the site to allow for anyone to use. ClearCheckbook went live to the world on May 20, 2006 and became an instant success. Since that day, ClearCheckbook has grown rapidly through three major versions and continues to update and enhance the site capabilities regularly.

Brandon strongly believes that everyone should have an easy and accessible tool that allows them to be in control of their own finances - for free. ClearCheckbook is a site that is easy to use, understand, and interact with for everyone - regardless of technical ability. Brandon believes that managing and taking control of your own finances should be a right, not a privilege. Knowledge and ownership of one's own finances should be effortless for everyone. ClearCheckbook continues to exemplify and adhere to this objective as a tool that enables the user to control and have ownership of their finances - easily, inexpensively, and without headache.

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