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ClearCheckbook Knowledge Base

The ClearCheckbook Knowledge Base is here to help you learn more about and how to use all the various features, tools and settings ClearCheckbook has to offer. Use the menu at the left to find the feature, tool or setting you want to learn more about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ClearCheckbook sync with any financial institutions?
Yes! ClearCheckbook can connect with a large number of financial institutions so your transactions are downloaded automatically into your accounts on ClearCheckbook. To learn more, check out our General Sync with Banks Connecting to a Bank Knowledge Base section.
Does my data sync between the website and my phone or other devices?
Yes! Simply sign into your account from any computer or device with your username and password and all of your data will sync between them.
Is my data backed up?
The entire ClearCheckbook database is backed up nightly so we can conduct a full restore in the case of any catastrophie. You can manually backup your personal data at any time via our Export Transactions or our Automatic Backups tools.
How much does ClearCheckbook cost?

ClearCheckbook is free to sign up and use. We never require you to pay to continue using the site.

We do offer our ClearCheckbook Premium upgrade which gives you access to many additional tools and features. ClearCheckbook Premium costs $5 USD per month.

A complete outline of our membership levels can be found here: ClearCheckbook Plans and Pricing
Can I download ClearCheckbook to my computer?

ClearCheckbook is a web based application so there is no application to download to your computer. As long as you have access to a browser and internet connection you can log in and manage your finances.

In addition to the website, we have dedicated mobile apps which you can download to your iOS or Android device. Learn more: Android app   -   iOS app
How long has ClearCheckbook been around?
ClearCheckbook launched in May 2006 and has been helping people manage their finances since then. You can learn more about the history of ClearCheckbook on our About Us page.

Clearing / Reconciling

Question about Clearing / Reconciling your Accounts?

Need to learn how ClearCheckbook handles reconciling/balancing/clearing your accounts and transactions? We call this Clearing and you can check out our dedicated walkthrough on this process here: Complete Clearing tutorial and walkthrough

Using the ClearCheckbook Knowledge Base

The ClearCheckbook Knowledge Base is an extensive tool to help you figure out how to use many of our features. Use the navigation on the left side of the page to find the tool, feature or setting you have a question about. If the name has a + sign next to it, you can click on that to expand more detailed options.

If you have a question that isn't currently covered in the Knowledge Base, you can always check our support forums or contact us.

Preparing for Taxes with ClearCheckbook

ClearCheckbook provides many reports and tools which help make preparing for your taxes easier. We built a page dedicated to how ClearCheckbook can help with your taxes here: Preparing for Taxes with ClearCheckbook.