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Money Management & Budgeting Tools

Our goal is to offer you the most robust tools for managing your money, all while keeping things extremely easy to use and as uncluttered as possible. We know software like Quicken is a big turnoff to a lot of people because of its overabundance of features and difficulty to use.

Some of our financial tools:

Check out the links below to learn more about some of the financial tools available at ClearCheckbook.

Budget Calculator Budget Calculator
Set up budgets and see how much you spend toward them each month.
Bill Tracker Bill Tracker
Track your monthly bills. Find out when you last paid your bill and for how much.
Connect your Bank to ClearCheckbook Connect Your Bank to ClearCheckbook
Connect your bank and have your transactions downloaded automatically.
Reminders / Recurring Transactions Reminders / Recurring Transactions
Create reminders and recurring transactions so you never forget to pay a bill again.
Debt Snowball Calculator Debt Snowball
Payoff your debts and loans faster with our Debt Snowball calculator.
Import Transactions Import Transactions
Import CSV, OFX, QFX and QIF files so you don't have to manually add your old transactions.
Estimate Future Balances Future Balances
Project your balances to a future date to see how much money you might have in your accounts.
Investment Portfolio Investment Portfolio
Keep track of your investments with our Investment Portfolio. Track stocks, bonds, mutual funds and any other investment that has a ticker.
Asset Management Asset Manager
Manage assets, such as your home, and their values to see how your net worth changes over time.
Spending Reports Spending Reports
View all of your spending and saving data in several report formats including line, bar, pie and text reports.
Save-Up Tracker Save-Up Tracker
Do you have something you want to save up for? Use our Save-Up Tracker to enter your goals and we'll help keep track of your progress.
Envelope Budgets Envelope Budgets
Use the Envelope system for setting and tracking your budgets.
Crypto Portfolio Crypto Portfolio
See how the value of your crypto coins has changed over time.
Transaction Register Transaction Register
Easily view all your transactions in our register.
Financial Dashboard Financial Dashboard
All of your financial data at a quick glance on our Dashboard.

Some of our additional financial tools include:

  • Notes: Jot down notes, todo lists, things to buy, etc with our notes too. This is a great way to keep track of any miscellaneous information you might need to come back to later.
  • Exporting Transactions: Ever need to export your transactions? You can select the exact transactions you want to export and download them to a CSV, OFX, QFX or QIF file.
  • Searching: We have a great searching tool that lets you search by many different criteria to find the exact transactions you're looking for.
  • Money Lending Tracker: If you have loaned money to someone or if you've borrowed some money, keep track of it here so you don't forget who owes you money or who to pay back.
  • Duplicate Transaction Searching: Search for and deal with duplicate data in your transaction register.
  • Payee Management: Easily manage all of your Payees in one place. Quickly access Payee reports from within this tool as well.
  • Transaction History: Accidentally edit or delete a bunch of transactions? Simply go to the Transaction History tool and undo all those changes!
  • Mobile Apps: We offer a mobile optimized site as well as dedicated iOS and Android apps.