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Financial Management Education in the Classroom

ClearCheckbook is used by dozens of educators across the world to help their students when it comes to financial management. Thousands of students sign up each semester to use ClearCheckbook's powerful budgeting and reporting tools in conjunction with classroom lessons. Whether you're teaching grade school students or a college level finance class, ClearCheckbook is here to help!

I'm an educator... How can ClearCheckbook help?

ClearCheckbook can be used as an aid when it comes to setting up budgeting exercises, tracking spending, teaching the fundamentals of reconciliation and more.

How are students currently using ClearCheckbook?

Educators are using ClearCheckbook in a wide range of ways to help improve the financial literacy of their students. Below are some examples of how they're using ClearCheckbook in conjunction with their teachings.

Students compare their spending with the classroom average

We have several classrooms that do a weekly spending comparison between each student and the class average. This works by having the students track their spending across a pre-determined set of categories. At the end of each week, the students compare their spending with the class averages for use in various exercises or assignments. Giving students the ability to see how their spending compares to their classmates is a great way for them to see if they need to adjust their spending.

Mock reconciliation with curated transactions

Middle and high school students probably don't have too many of their own expenses, but teaching basic financial literacy is still important at that age. In this scenario, a teacher can give students a CSV file of transactions to import and then the students can go through the process of reconciling their account and making sure any discrepancies are accounted for.

Setting budgets and reporting on spending

Students can use our budget tools to create and track their budgets as they enter transactions. Budget tracking can be a short part of a curriculum or an ongoing semester-long assignment.

Showcasing how to set a household budget and how difficult it might be to stay under budget

Another exercise involving budgets would be to give students a mock household budget and see if they're able to buy groceries, pay rent, cover utilities and everything else a family would need to do at various income levels.

What does it cost for my students to use ClearCheckbook?

We don't charge educators or students to use ClearCheckbook in the classroom. We believe that financial literacy should be a key part of what students learn through school and we want to help make that a reality. If you're a professor or TA for a university, we even give students with a valid .edu email address a free year of ClearCheckbook Premium.

How can I set up my classroom with ClearCheckbook?

If you want to use ClearCheckbook in your classroom, please feel free to contact us and we can help you get started!

Does ClearCheckbook sell or use this data?

ClearCheckbook never sells or otherwise distributes any data entered on the site. The data and privacy of you and your students is a big priority of ours.