ClearCheckbook Affiliate Program

ClearCheckbook Affiliate Program

The ClearCheckbook Affiliate Program rewards you with 10% of each Premium Membership upgrade made by a member who signs up through your unique affiliate URL.

How it works:

Share your ClearCheckbook Affiliate URL

Use your URL

Send out your affiliate URL and get new users to sign up for ClearCheckbook.

Track your signups on the Affiliate Dashboard

Check the Dashboard

See which users you've signed up have upgraded to ClearCheckbook Premium.

Get paid for your Premium signups

Get Paid

Get paid after the users you've signed up have upgraded and completed a full membership duration.

Join the ClearCheckbook Affiliate Program

You must have an existing account with ClearCheckbook in order to join our affiliate program. Already a member? Log in. If you don't have an account you can sign up here.

The Details:

You will receive 10% of the price of the ClearCheckbook Premium upgrade, and subsequent renewals, for each user you get to sign up. The user must complete a full duration of their membership before you're eligible for being paid out. This is to prevent cancellations or refund requests interfering with you getting paid. If a user signs up for a monthly membership, that means you'll need to wait until one month has passed before you're eligible to be paid for that membership. Payments will be made by check (for US residents only) or Paypal.

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