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ClearCheckbook was founded in May 2006 as a simple way for people to manage their finances without all the bloat and feature fatigue that was involved with other large scale financial tools. Our goal is to bring financial management to the masses by making it as easy as possible to track your spending, set budgets, balance your bank statements, track bills and more. In addition to the main website, we have apps for iOS and Android that make it easy to add transactions and check your balances on the go.

Key Features

We offer a full suite of tools and reports to cover almost every scenario someone managing their own finances would need. At our core, ClearCheckbook is a modern day version of the traditional transaction register. By entering (or syncing) transactions, our customers can track their spending and saving via a multitude of reports and budget options. We offer a bill tracker for customers to manage and track all of their bill payments. We have a Reminders and Recurring Transactions tool where you can set up and schedule recurring future transactions that automatically post to your register. Our Save-Up Tracker helps you plan for large upcoming purchases. Use the Investment Portfolio and Crypto Portfolio to track your stocks, mutual funds, ETFs and crypto coin gains.

The majority of our tools and features have corresponding gadgets which can be placed on the main Account Dashboard. The Account Dashboard gives our customers a customizeable glance at all of their finances in one location.

Our customers also have the ability to accurately track their Net Worth by entering additional assets in our Asset Manager and any debts in our Debt Snowball tool. By combining those tools with the Investment Portfolio and your transaction register balances, ClearCheckbook produces Net Worth reports so you can track your net worth over time.

The Estimate Future Balances tool is an extremely popular feature that lets our customers project their balances to a future date based on their existing balances and any scheduled transactions and upcoming bills. This is a great tool to help forecast your balances to determine if you need to cut back on some expenses or if you'll have enough to cover future purchases.

Adding Transactions

We have four different ways of adding your transactions to ClearCheckbook. The method, or combination of methods, our customers choose depend on their stance on privacy and security as well as their insistence on control.

Target Audience

Trying to pin down one type of customer is extremely difficult. We have everyone from college students to retirees and non-profits to small businesses taking advantage of all the features ClearCheckbook offers. One common theme among all of our customers is a desire to have a one-stop shop for all of their financial management needs which is easy and intuitive to use.


ClearCheckbook uses the freemium pricing model. It's free to sign up and use ClearCheckbook and we never force anyone to pay if they don't want to. We do offer a premium upgrade that gives customers access to many additional tools and features, including syncing with banks. A full breakdown of the pricing plans can be found here: ClearCheckbook Plans & Pricing.

Ongoing Promotions

We offer a free year of ClearCheckbook Premium to any student who signs up with, and verifies, their .edu email address. We believe getting a firm grasp on your finances as early as possible is extremely important.

Quick Stats Updated January 2024