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Connect Your Bank to ClearCheckbook

Connect Your Bank to ClearCheckbook

ClearCheckbook can connect to, and sync transactions from, over 10,000 different financial institutions. If you don't want to manually enter all of your transactions or go through the Import Transactions process, Transaction Syncing is a great way to utilize the full power of ClearCheckbook's tools.

When you connect an account to ClearCheckbook, your transactions will be automatically downloaded every day. We offer many different settings, duplicate transaction flagging and matching criteria to help make the syncing process work the way you want it to.

Connecting to your bank and syncing transactions is available to anyone with either a ClearCheckbook Premium or Sync Membership. ClearCheckbook Premium starts at $5 per month and gives you access to over 60 additional tools and upgrades. The sync membership costs $2.49 per month and gives you access to transaction syncing without any other premium upgrades.

By themselves, the ClearCheckbook Premium upgrade and the Sync Membership allow you to connect to 5 different financial institutions. If you need to connect to more than 5 different institutions, you can purchase both a premium membership and a sync membership. Having both memberships will allow you to connect up to 10 different financial institutions.

What counts as a connection? A connection is counted for different financial institutions. For example, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Capital One are three different connections. We do not count multiple connections to the same institution toward your total. If you have 3 different accounts with Wells Fargo, that still only counts as one connection.

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When you connect your bank to ClearCheckbook, the account you connected will appear with a small green link icon next to it. You can hover over the icon to see the last time transactions were downloaded for that account.

Sync Transactions - Accounts list
Accounts list with active bank connections

After transactions are downloaded to your account, they appear with a cloud icon next to the description in the Transaction Register. This icon helps differentiate synced transactions from those you manually entered.

Sync Transactions - Downloaded transactions
Synced transactions have a cloud icon

We want to make sure the syncing works exactly as you want it to. In an effort to make this happen, we built some global sync settings that you can adjust to change the behavior of the transaction syncing.

Sync Transactions - Sync Settings
Various settings related to syncing transactions

The descriptions and categories that come pre-assigned with your transactions might not be exactly what you want. To help with this problem, we built a matching system where you enter some keywords and any time a synced transaction matches that keyword, we'll reassign the category and change the description as specified.

Sync Transactions - Sync Matching
Automatic keyword and category replacement

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