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Connecting to your Bank

You can sync ClearCheckbook with your financial institutions so your transactions are automatically added to ClearCheckbook. This page covers information and the process of syncing ClearCheckbook with your financial institutions.
This feature is only available for ClearCheckbook Premium or Sync Membership members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect ClearCheckbook to my bank?
Every ClearCheckbook Premium and Sync Membership member can add up to 5 supported financial institutions and have your transactions automatically downloaded.
Note: If you're a ClearCheckbook Premium member and also have a Sync Membership, you can connect up to 10 financial institutions.
What counts as a connection?
You can add up to 5 financial institutions. A financial institution would be something like Bank of America. If you have a Bank of America checking, savings and credit card and connect each of those accounts, that still only counts as one connection.
Note: If you're a ClearCheckbook Premium member and also have a Sync Membership, you can connect up to 10 financial institutions.
I'm having trouble connecting to my bank.

If you're having trouble connecting your bank to ClearCheckbook, it might be a problem with the financial institution or the API. Some common connection errors can be found on Plaid's website.

How much historical data is sent to ClearCheckbook when I sync an account?

We are able to retrieve a maximum of 24 months worth of data, when available. If you have more than 24 months of data in your bank account, we will create a starting balance that makes up the difference.

After the initial download of transactions, how often does ClearCheckbook look for new transactions?

ClearCheckbook looks for new transactions that have posted to your account several times per day. You can find information about the last sync by hovering over the icon in your account overviews or by hovering over the Connected and syncing transactions text under your account in the Settings -> Accounts management page.

What happens if I have an existing ClearCheckbook account with transactions I've entered and then connect it to my bank?

If you connect an account you've already added to ClearCheckbook, we will not retrieve any historical transactions and will only start syncing transactions that get posted after the connection is made.

Connection Flow

When you initiate a connection for a new account or an existing account, the process for connecting your account is the same and is explained below. This process is handled securely by Plaid.

The first screen you see lets you know the connection process is about to begin.

Syncing Transactions - Launching the connection service
Launching the connection service

The next screen is where you choose the financial institution you want to connect with.

Syncing Transactions - Select a financial institution
Select a financial institution

Next, enter your login details for that financial institution.

Syncing Transactions - Enter your login details
Enter your login details

Finally, select the account you want to connect and click the Continue button.

Syncing Transactions - Pick your account
Pick your account

Connecting a new account

This section explains how you can connect to a bank and create the account within ClearCheckbook at the same time. If you haven't already added the account in ClearCheckbook, you can click the Sync a Bank Account button in the Create Account form.

Syncing Transactions - Connecting a new account
Click to connect to a bank and create a new account

Clicking the Sync a Bank Account button will launch the connection process. Once you complete the process, an account will be created and your transaction history will start to download as soon as it's available.

Connecting an existing account

If you've already set up and have been adding transactions to an account within ClearCheckbook, you can still connect it to your bank.

To connect an existing account, click on the Link to bank link under the account in question. This will start the connection process shown above.

Syncing Transactions - Connecting an existing account
Click to connect an existing account

Note: If you connect an existing account to your bank, we won't load any of your transaction history but will start adding any new transactions that appear after setting up the connection. This is to prevent any duplication of transactions that might affect your balances within ClearCheckbook.

Transaction Categorization & Text Replacement

All downloaded transactions come pre-categorized and we apply those categories to the transaction by default. If a category doesn't already exist in your categories list, the category will be created automatically.

You can change this behavior so transactions aren't automatically categorized or you can set some specific categories for transactions based on keywords in the transaction description. You can learn more about this process in our Settings Premium Membership Synced Transaction Settings knowledge base article.

Connection Statuses

You will see different messages depending on the status of the account in question. The table below explains what each status means and any actions that need to be done.

Status Meaning Required Action
Connected and syncing transactions The account is connected to your bank and recieving transactions. You can hover over the text for details of the last sync. No action needed
Connection failed - Reauthentication needed The login details of your account have changed (credentials, MFA, or required user action) and a reauthentication is required to fix the connection. Click on the Fix Connection link to reauthenticate the connection to your bank.
Link to bank The account is not linked to any banks. To link this account, click the Link to bank link.

You can remove a connection between ClearCheckbook and your bank at any time by going to the Settings -> Manage Accounts page and clicking the Unlink link under any connected account.

Syncing Transactions - Unlinking an account
Click to unlink a connected account

Deleting an account will remove the connection for that account. Resetting your accounts, performing a Start Over action or disabling your ClearCheckbook account will also remove all of your connections.

Accounts not Syncing

We rely on Plaid to handle the retrieval and processing of your transactions. This is a one-way street where they send us a notification that the transactions are ready and then we download them. There isn't currently a way for ClearCheckbook to force Plaid to retrieve and process transactions outside of their schedule.

If your accounts show up as connected but you haven't had any transactions download in a few days, we recommend contacting Plaid directly. You can do this by clicking here: and then click the Support button at the bottom right side of the page.

Supported Financial Institutions

To see if your financial institution can connect with ClearCheckbook, check out our General Sync with Banks Institutions List Knowledge Base section.