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Searching Transactions

The Search Tool is a robust tool for finding transactions. There is a wide variety of search options to help you narrow down your focus and find only the transactions you're looking for.

The easiest way to access the Search tool is by clicking the magnifying glass icon at the right side of the main navigation

Search Tool - where to find it
Click on the icon

You can also access the Search tool from the Transaction Register by clicking on the Search link at the bottom of the Register Options box.

Search Tool - where to find it
From the Transaction Register - Register Options

Search Options

The Search tool has many different options and settings to help you narrow down and find the exact transactions you want. The options might seem overwhelming at first, but the table below will help explain them in more detail.

Option Description
Date Range

This option uses the transaction date as a search parameter. You have two choices for the date range. The first is the drop down list and the second is manually entering a start and end date. The drop down list options are as follows: Today, Yesterday, Past 7 Days, This Month, Last Month, This Quarter, Last Quarter, Last 90 Days, This Year, Last Year, All Time (note: some options are for ClearCheckbook Premium members only.) The default parameter is This Month.

If you check the Apply date range to created_at timestamp option, the search tool will find all transactions that were added to the site within that timeframe, not what the actual date of the transaction is.

Accounts If you want to restrict the results to a certain account or set of accounts, you can select them here. The default is All Accounts.
Categories If you want to restrict the results to a certain category or set of categories, you can select them here. The default is All Categories.

The keyword option searches the description, memo and payee fields and tries to find a match. The default functionality is to do a wildcard search on the text entered. For example, if you type in bus it will find transactions matching business, megabus and bus.

You also have the option of using Logical Operators to help find specific transactions. Logical operators are + and - which can be used to require or exclude keywords. For example, if you want to find where you bought batteries from, you could enter amazon + batteries. If you wanted to find all Walmart purchases that do not include groceries, you could enter walmart - groceries.

If you need to find a transaction that contains a + or - you can check the Disable logical operators option.

If you want to search for an exact keyword and not have it return words containing the keyword, check the Exact keyword match only option. Now, when you search bus it wil only return transactions that match exactly to bus

Check Number If you're a ClearCheckbook Premium member and have the check number field enabled, you can search for an exact check number here.
Amount Range Find transactions that have an amount between (and including) the two numbers entered.(note: all numbers should be positive. If you want to search withdrawals, change the Transaction Type option to Withdrawal)
Transaction Type You can limit the search results to find only deposits or withdrawals.
Cleared Status This option allows you to search for only cleared or un-cleared transactions.
By User If you're a ClearCheckbook Premium member who has Additional Users for your account, you can search for transactions entered by a specific user with this option.
Split Children You can choose to exclude split children or only show split children in the search results.
Transfers You can choose to exclude or only show transfer transactions in the search results.
Paid Credit Card Transactions You can choose to exclude or only show paid credit card transactions in the search results.
File Attachments You can choose to exclude or only show transactions with file attachments in the search results.
Add Source Only returns transactions added from a specific source.

Search Results

Once you click the Search button, a list of all matching transactions will appear below the form. In the example below we searched for the date range This Month - March and selected the Checking and Travel Credit Card accounts from the Accounts list.

Search Tool - Search Results Overview
Search Results Overview

The search results list looks similar to the Transaction Register list but has a few differences which are called out in the screnshot above. Those differences are explained in the table below:

Number Description
1 This box shows the sum of Deposits, Withdrawals and Total for the returned transactions.
2 If you're a ClearCheckbook Premium member, clicking this icon will generate a graph based on the returned transactions.
3 You can export the returned transactions by clicking this icon.
4 The `With Selected` box only appears at the botton of the Search Results list.

The number of matching transactions is also shown to the left of the graph and export icons.

From the transactions list, you can perform any actions (such as clearing, editing, deleting, etc) that you normally would from the transaction register list.

Saving Searches

If you run the same, or similar, search regularly, you can save the search criteria and easily load that same criteria again.

First you'll need to save a search. To do this, select all of your search criteria and then click the blue Search button to conduct the search.

Next, click the Saved Searches link below the Search button in the Search form. This will produce a box that lists any previously saved searches and a form to save the current search criteria.

Search Tool - Saving Search Criteria
Save Search box

Come up with a descriptive name for this set of search criteria and enter it in the `Name of Search` box. We will call this search Travel and Checking and then save it.

Once you save the search it will appear in the Saved Searches list. You can click on the saved search name and it will populate the search form with the saved criteria. Clicking the icon next to a saved search will delete it.

Search Tool - Loading Saved Search
Saved Searches list

Note: Saved Searches are only available for ClearCheckbook Premium members.

Exporting Search Results

You can export the results from the current search by clicking the icon to the right of the number of results returned.

Search Tool - Exporting Search Results
Click to export results

This will generate a CSV file containing all of the search results. You will be prompted to select where you'd like the file to be downloaded to your computer and then the download will begin.

Downloading File Attachments

If you need to download multiple file attachments and don't want to download each one individually, you can use the Search tool to find the necessary transactions and then create a ZIP file containing all of the resulting file attachments.

Search Tool - Downloading File Attachments
Click to download attachments

Clicking the Attachments link will start the process of creating a ZIP file containing the attachments from the search results.

Search Tool - ZIP File List w/ Pending file
File status page w/ pending ZIP file creation

The creation of the ZIP file might take a minute or two, depending on how many files you're trying to export. This page will show the status of your file(s) and let you download the file when it's ready.

Search Tool - ZIP File List
File status page
Clicking the file name for an available ZIP file will download it to your computer. ZIP files are available for 5 days in case you need to download the file at a later time or from a different device.