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Automatic Backups Tool

If you have Dropbox or Google Drive, you can use our Automatic Data Backup tool to have your transactions downloaded to your account each night. We will create a ClearCheckbook folder where all the CSV files will be saved.

You can find the Automatic Backups tool by clicking on Tools at the top of the page, then click on the Automatic Backups link.
This tool is only available for ClearCheckbook Premium members.

Which storage services are available?

We currently support nightly backups to Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox. We are working on enabling other systems and will update this page when they become available.

Enabling Backups

To enable backups to a storage service, click on the button for the storage service you would like to enable. You must already have an account with the desired service in order to enable backups to it.

Right now, the two buttons you can click on are Authorize Backups with Dropbox, Authorize Backups with Google Drive and Authorize Backups with Microsoft OneDrive

When you click on one of those buttons, you will be redirected to an authorization page with the selected service which will ask you to allow ClearCheckbook to write to your storage service. After a successful authorization, we will create a ClearCheckbook folder and place a text file in there with some information about the backups.

When are backups made?

Backups are made to the selected service nightly and only if you have added a transaction since the last time the backup was made.

You can change the backup frequency between Nightly, Weekly and Monthly. Weekly backups will occur on each Sunday night if you've added new transactions since the last backup. Monthly backups will occur on the first of the month if you've added new transactions since the last backup.

Note: This option becomes available once you have enabled backups to one of the available services.

Backup Status

When you have enabled backups to one of the available services, the Automatic Backups page will show you some additional information.

Automatic Backups - Backup Information
Automatic Backup information

The service you enabled will be shown in green. In the example above, you can see that backups to Google Drive are currently enabled.

The date and time of the last backup are also shown. Please refer to the section above to learn when backups are made.

How to turn off automatic backups

You can disable backups to a service by clicking on the Cancel Automatic Backups button.

Automatic Backups - Turn off backups
Turn off automatic backups