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Reconciliation Methods

ClearCheckbook offers two different ways of reconciling your transactions and accounts. The first and most widely used way is called Clearing. The second method is the more traditional zero-out method.

Clearing Method

For a full and complete walkthrough covering the Clearing process, check out our Clearing Tutorial

Clearing is the process of selecting transactions that appear on your bank statement and marking them as Cleared. This will update the Cleared balance which should match your bank statement. The full tutorial linked above covers in detail the entire process.

Zero-Out Reconciliation

For a full and complete walkthrough covering the Zero-Out Reconciliation process, check out our Zero-Out Reconciliation Tutorial

Zero-Out Reconciliation is a tool for ClearCheckbook Premium members that lets you balance an account by entering the ending balance for a statement and selecting the transactions, combined with the starting balance, which should sum to zero. When the difference between the ending balance and the selected transactions is zero, you know your statement has been reconciled.

You can find the Zero-Out reconciliation tool from the Transaction Register by clicking on the Reconcile link in the Register Options box.

Zero-Out Reconciliation - where to find it
Click on the Reconcile link

Once you've reconciled an account, you can view a history of your reconciliations by clicking on the History link at the top of the Reconciliation tool.

Zero-Out Reconciliation - Statement History
Reconciliation history

To view the details for the statment, click on the number in the # Transactions column. The statement history shows which account, the statement date, beginning and ending balances and the list of transactions for that statement.

Zero-Out Reconciliation - Statement History Details
Reconciliation history details

You can edit the statement date or delete the entire reconciliation by clicking either the or icons.