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Payee Management

The Payee Management tool lets you add Payees which will appear when using the Add or Edit Transaction forms. You can also add additional information, such as contact data, for each payee.

You can find the Payee Management tool by clicking on Tools at the top of the page, then click on the Payee Management link.
This tool is only available for ClearCheckbook Premium members.

What does the Payee Management tool do?

The purpose of the Payee Management Tool is to provide a way to organize and keep track of your payees. If you have a lot of people you buy from or sell to, using this tool to keep track of them is highly recommended.

When you add a transaction and start typing a payee name, any payees from this tool that match what you're typing will appear at the top of the suggestion list.

You can quickly and easily view transactions associated with each payee, check their contact information and view reports for your various payees.

Adding a Payee

The Add a Payee form lets you add a new payee and optionally provide other information for that payee. The quickest way to get started is to simply add a payee's name.

Payee Management - Default Add Payee form
Basic form to add a payee

By clicking the Toggle Optional Fields link, you can add more information about the payee. Those fields are shown in the screenshot and explained in the table below.

Payee Management - Additional Add Payee form
Additional payee fields
Field Description
Payee The payee name. This can be anything that lets you identify the payee.
Contact Name Optional. The contact name if this payee is a company or organization
Phone Number Optional. A phone number for the payee or contact
Email Address Optional. An email address for the payee or contact
Address Optional. A physical address for this payee or contact
Note Optional. Any other information you want to record. This could be a purchaser code, what this payee is commonly used for, etc.

List of Payees

The Current Payees list will show all of the payees you added with this tool along with any associated information.

Payee Management - Payee List
List of Payees and their information
Clicking on the icon next to the payee name will take you to a search results page that shows all of the transactions associated with this payee. The and icons will edit or delete the payee.

Selecting a Payee when adding transactions

When you are adding or editing a transaction and start typing in the Payee field, any payees from this tool that match the keyword will appear at the top of the list under the Custom Payees header. Any other matching payees that aren't currently being tracked will appear under the From Transactions header.

Payee Management - Selecting a payee
Selecting a payee

Editing a Payee

To edit a payee, find the payee from the list and click on the icon. This will bring up an edit form where you can change any of the fields as needed.

Payee Management - Edit a payee
Edit a payee form

Deleting a Payee

To delete a payee, click on the icon for the payee you wish to delete.

Deleting a payee from this tool will not remove the payee from any of the transactions it has already been assigned to. Deleting a payee only removes it from this tool.

Importing Payees

If you've already been entering payees manually each time you add or edit a transaction but want to import them into the Payee Management tool, you can easily do that by clicking the Payee Import link in the blue box at the bottom of the Payee Management tool.

Payee Management - Import payees link
Link to import payees

The page that loads will list all of your existing payees that don't currently belong to the Payee Management tool. To add a payee to the tool, click the green + Add button to the right of the payee.

Payee Management - Import payees list
List of payees to import

Payee Reports

We built some reports specifically for getting information based on your payees. You can find quick links to those reports at the top of the Payee Management tool.

Payee Management - Report links
Report links at top of Payee Management tool

You can learn more about each of these reports by visiting their respective knowledge base pages: