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Email Alerts

You can set up alerts based on various tools throughout the site. You will be sent an email when your defined threshold is met based on your balance, budget, or saving goals.

You can find the Email Alerts by clicking on Tools at the top of the page, then click on the Email Alerts link.

What are Email Alerts?

The Email Alerts system lets you set up alerts based on various tools on the site. If the conditions you set are met, you'll receive an email letting you know. This is a great way to be notified if you're getting close to reaching a budget or you drop below a certain amount in an account. When this happens, you'll receive an email alert letting you know so you can take action if needed.

Tools currently supported by the Email Alerts:

  1. Account Balances
  2. Budgets
  3. Save-Up Goals

The email alerts work best if you have your transactions synced by connecting ClearCheckbook to your banks. You can learn more about connecting to your bank in the General Sync with Banks Connecting to your Bank Knowledge Base article.

The alerts are set up so you won't receive redundant emails each day if the alert is still supposed to trigger. There is a minimum delay of three days between emails for each individual alert and then the value must change by at least 10% for the alert to send again.

Add a new alert

To add a new alert, click on the blue + Add New Alert button at the top of the Email Alerts page. This will bring up a form where you can choose the type of alert, the trigger value and enter a note about the alert.

The different options when adding an alert are listed in the table below

Field Description

This select box lets you choose the type of alert you would like to create. The options are: Balance, Budget or Saving Goal

Account / Budget / Saving Goal Depending on the Type you select above, this option will change to show you your accounts, budgets or saving goals so you can select the one you want to set up an alert for.
When value is You can select to be alerted when a value is greater than or less than the amount you choose.
Note An optional note to help you remember what this alert is for.

Edit an existing alert

To edit an existing alert, click the pencil icon at the right side of the alert you want to edit.

Email Alerts - Edit Alert Button
Edit Alert button

The edit form that pops up lets you change the value and note.

Email Alerts - Edit Alert Form
Edit Alert form

Delete an alert

To delete an alert, click the delete icon at the right side of the alert you want to remove.

Email Alerts - Delete an Alert
Delete an alert