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Site Navigation

This page explains the various navigation elements on ClearCheckbook.

Not Logged In

If you aren't signed into the website you will see a Sign Up button and a Login form. If you have an account, use the login form to sign into the site. If you need to register for ClearCheckbook, click the Sign Up button and start the process.

Site Navigation - Not signed in
Site header when not logged in

User Navigation

The user navigation will look slightly different depending on if you're a ClearCheckbook Premium member.

The user navigation appears at the top right side of the screen and provides some information and quick links to various help and settings pages.

Site Navigation - User Navigation (w/ premium membership)
Premium Membership user navigation
Site Navigation - User Navigation (w/ basic membership)
Basic Membership user navigation

Navigation Explained:

Item Description
testuser Your username appears here.
or If you're a premium member, this toggles between light and dark mode
Help This takes you to our Help / FAQ section which contains our Knowledge Base, Forums, Video Tutorials and contact page.
Forums A quick link to access our Support Forums.
Settings View and manage all of your settings.
Logout Signs you out of ClearCheckbook.
Upgrade to Premium! Learn more If you aren't a ClearCheckbook Premium member, this is a quick link to the Premium Information page.

The main site navigation is always the same when you're signed into your account and looks like the screenshot below.

Site Navigation - Main Navigation Links
Main navigation links

Navigation Explained:

Item Description
 Dashboard The account dashboard where you can view all of your gadgets.
More information available at the General Account Dashboard Knowledge Base section.
 Register The transaction register where you can view all of your transactions.
More information available at the General Transaction Register Knowledge Base section.
 Reports Access all of your account, category and miscellaneous reports.
 Budgets View and manage your budgets.
More information available at the Tools Budgets Knowledge Base section.
 Tools View a list of all the financial tools we've built into ClearCheckbook
Loads the Add Transaction form.
More information available at the General Transactions Knowledge Base section.
Takes you to the Search form.
More information available at the General Search Tool Knowledge Base section.

The footer contains a lot of links to various informational pages with the exception of the Language selection and Contact Us link.

Site Navigation - Footer Navigation
Footer Navigation and Links

About Navigation Explained:

Item Description
About Us Links to a page that gives some information about ClearCheckbook and a timeline with some of our big updates.
Our Financial Tools A tour of some of our main financial tools
Testimonials A collection of some testimonials users have given us over the years
Privacy Our privacy policy
Terms The ClearCheckbook terms of service
Affiliate Program Information regarding our affiliate program

Support Navigation Explained:

Item Description
Forums Visit our support forums
Help / FAQ A link to the main knowledge base page
Tutorials Video tutorials for some of the most used aspects of the site
Blog The official ClearCheckbook blog
v5 Release Notes A list of many of the new features that we added with the v5 launch

Apps Navigation Explained:

Item Description
iOS Some information and screenshots about our iOS app
Android / Kindle Some information and screenshots about our Android app
Mobile How the website behaves when loaded on the phone

Language Navigation Explained:

Item Description
Language Selection You can opt to change the default language by selecting one from the list
Improve Translations If you notice an incorrect translation or would like to help translate text, use this page

Other Links Explained:

Item Description
Contact Us A quick link to contact us with any questions, comments or feedback