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Signing into ClearCheckbook

You can sign into your ClearCheckbook account using your password with either your username or email address. The login form at the top of the page or on the login page will both work.

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Required Fields

Username or Email Address - You can sign in using either your username or your email address.

Password - You must enter your password and it must match exactly (punctuation, capitalization, spaces, etc).

Error Messages

Type Message How to Fix
Error Incorrect Password. The password you entered does not match the login xxxxxx.

If you continue to have problems please disable any automatic form completion in your browser and double check that you're entering your password exactly as it should be (exact punctuation and capitalization are required).
The password you entered did not match the username or email address. Make sure you're entering the proper password. If you're having trouble remembering your password you can reset it here: lost password.
Error Your account is currently disabled. It looks like you disabled your account some time in the past. If you would like to re-activate it, please visit our re-activation page here: Re-activate Account. As the message says, your account was disabled in the past and you'll need to re-enable it before you can sign in.
Error Incorrect Login. Your login xxxxxx was not found in our system. Remember, you can log in with either your username or your email address.

If you continue to have problems please disable any automatic form completion in your browser and try again.
Make sure you are entering the correct email address or username that's associated with your login. If you can't remember your username or email address, please contact us
Error Your login session expired. Please sign in again to continue using the site. Your session expired due to inactivity on the site. You can check the 'Remember Me' option when signing in to set a cookie and prevent this from happening.